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Confused looking for work that his salary could be taken home daily, but don’t drain too much energy and mind? Got the land back home that is quite extensive and would like to make money? Try raising quail. Who would have thought if a profit raising quail 1000 tail can give you more than enough revenue to improve the lives of our economy? Because of that, then learn how to nourish the quail and gain benefits without the need of tired-tired bathed in sweat for rough work.

Quail give myriad benefits for humans, meat and eggs contain nutrients, protein, and fat which is enough to meet the daily nutritional needs. Caring for quail is also not a hassle, the important thing is to pay attention to the air circulation in the enclosure, away from the hustle of the streets which can cause stress the quail, but it should be easy to reach a distribution vehicle quail livestock results.

Capital and profit Raising Quail 1000 Tail for beginners

To start quail farms, recommended keeping as many as 1000 quail tail. Make a cage with a form of multilevel order that could fit semya. So a quail Coop consists of four levels, each being at least able to accommodate 22 tail, so 22×4 = 108 tail, then to sum up to 1000 tail it takes at least 10 pieces of enclosure 4 level. The ballpark count is as follows:

3×4 = size 12 wood rods IDR 135,000

Wire trim as much as IDR. 120,000 rollers 1

Smooth the nail as much as IDR. 5,000 1 ounce

Nail 1.5 inches 0.5 kg at IDR 8,000.

Maytag wage of IDR. 50,000

A total of IDR 318,000 Material

Drinking places capacity 1 liter = 4 pieces of IDR 24,000.

The total cost is required for fruit cages 10 IDR 342,000 x 10 pieces = IDR 3,420,000

Once that is done make the enclosure, then the parent on purchases now switch the quail. Why direct buy quail parent? Because many feel lazy waiting for 2 months until the child is ready to lay eggs of quail. Better save time by buying hen quail that are ready to spawn. Here’s the calculation of the ballpark as consideration:

1000 quail eggs ready stem tail = IDR 8 million.

Then do the calculation of the price of the parent quail ready spawn with total cost cage, IDR 3,420,000 + IDR 8 million = IDR 11,420,000. So the total capital we should prepare was of eleven is also less. A number small enough, especially if you see a profit raising quail tail 1000 we will in the future.

Not only providing the initial capital cost for the course, we must also prepare a cash fund to feed the quail, a quail egg-laying are every need as many as 22 grams of feed per tail. So for 1000 tail required 22 kilos of feed laying. We can buy feed laying in the form of so, but may also prepare with its own compositions that fit. Count roughly based on if the price of the concentrate is IDR. 8,000/kg, then the corn refined IDR 6000/kg, as well as the price of fine bran IDR 3,000/kg then the price will get the result of mixing the ingredients around IDR 6500/kg laying quail feed.

So if counted carefully, then the cost of feed for all the quail IDR 6500 x 22 kg = IDR 143,000 per day. Then because of that, the cost of feeding quail for a month is IDR 143,000 x 30 days = IDR 4,290,000.

The amount of Profit Raising Quail 1000 Tail

Then how many eggs we can get from all the harvest? So the production of quail eggs that are usually as much as 85% of the total number of carriers that are laying eggs. So from 1000 tail then we can get 850 eggs per day. Then if we assume that any eggs valued IDR 290, then it is a matter of revenue that we can get are as follows:

850×290 = IDR 246,500

Then for the sale of eggs for a month 30xIDR 246,500 = IDR 7,395,000. do not forget to calculate net profit per month, cut the cost of feeding the birds, IDR 7,395,000 IDR 4,290,000 = IDR 3.1 million. Fair, isn’t it?

Then what if quail pet we have through lush and already unable to spawn again? Then it’s time for us to sell the quail hen broiler quail. So the time of egg-laying quail is for 15 months, after the eggs have reduced production, then we can sell them with a price range of 3000an per the tail is less is more. A rough count had come from 1000 tail that already existed are dying as much as 20% or 200 of the tail, so the count is 800  x IDR 3,000 = IDR 2.4 million.

Then how much profit during the production of the first quail 15 months? Count the number of sales formula with eggs for 15 months plus sale results in quail broken = 15  months x IDR 3.100.000 + IDR 2.4 million = IDR 48.9 million. Then reduced the capital first of the cages and quail breeds, then IDR 11.420.000 + IDR 8 million = IDR 19,420,000. So the total profit earned is IDR 48.9 million – IDR 19,420,000 = IDR 29.4809.000. But it is the first 15 months period, the next months we do not have to calculate the cost of the cage again.

Do not forget to provide a budget to remedy the ill quail 10% of the initial capital budget. How? The advantage of raising quail 1000 tail very seductive, isn’t it? Imagine if we had 5000 quail tail? The income will we get any more of it.

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