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Farmworkers’ main responsibility is planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops such as corn, rice, potatoes, and cotton. For farmers who work with animals automatically, they need to breed the animals by giving them food and appropriate place. They also responsible for the upkeep of lands and tools, which are generally provided by the employer at no cost. Therefore, we can see some farm workers occasionally work with certain machinery.

Most farm workers’ job is conducted outdoors and little individuals work indoors. The outdoor farm workers will deal with the weather change that surely will influence their farm. The work hours for farm workers vary. Generally, farm workers start their shifts in the early morning hours and end in the mid-to-late afternoon.
Do farmers work alone? It is quite rare to see farmers work alone. They typically work in groups. Most farmers’ labor can’t be done by just a single farmer on a large farm. A potential team is needed so they will be able to work effectively. For a small farm, it is possible that only one farmer.

There are also another tasks and the tasks are very important as a farmer to make much money. Even though educational background doesn’t count much for this career, a well educational person with agricultural knowledge will have the best result in farm living.
As professional farm workers, they have to plan the season well. Farmers are actually like managers. They plan and decide carefully what they are going to do in the entire season. They have to consider the business contracts, weather forecasts, consumer demands, financial aspects and workloads to decide which crops to grow or animals to breed.
As professional farm workers, they need to maintain the land. Farmers have to churn then and fertilize the soil of the farm before planting crops. This includes watering the fields and giving pesticide and herbicide.

As professional farm workers, they need to master the marketplace. Since farmers can be considered as self-employed, they have to deal with selling their own products. Dealing with selling means that there are buyers who want to buy their products. Therefore, they need to have great negotiation skill.
Being a farm worker is not a bad career instead this outdoor job can earn you much money. In the United States, farmers earn a median hourly wage of $33.71. Hourly wages typically start from $16.27 and go up to $57.47. For the salary, farmers earn a median salary of $70,110 per year. Salaries typically start from $33,840 and go up to $119.530.

What makes some farmers earn a different salary? We can say that the experienced one gets a better salary than a beginner. The salary is, of course, different for every farmer with their level of seniority.
1. Starting Farmer
Starting farmers are the beginners in the world of farming. They may be people who are new to this kind of career or those who have the educational background about farming but they will have the first time experience in farming. Starting farmers in the United States earn $16.27 an hour and $33,840 per year.
2. Junior Farmer
Junior farmers are those who have experienced a little about farming. They know the basics and the main duties they need to follow but they may still make mistake while working. They have been working for about 1-4 years. Junior farmers in the United States earn $23.12 an hour and $48,080 per year.
3. Experienced Farmer
Experienced farmers are those who have been working for about 5-9 years in farm living. They have tasted many experienced during many passing seasons and years. They may feel the horror of fail in harvesting and also the success in harvesting. They are also very good at negotiating the price in the marketplace. Experienced farmers in the United States earn $33.71 and $70,110 per year.
4. Senior Farmer
Senior farmers are those who have been working for about 10-20 years. They master all everything related to farm living. Many senior farmers are searched for many people because they know very well about how to farm and make the best profit for the harvest. Senior farmers in the United States earn $43.89 an hour and $91,290 per year.
5. Top End Farmer
Top End Farmers are the legends in farm living. They have been working for more than 20 years. This kind of farmers may meet the time for their retirement because of age but their knowledge about farming is no one can beat them. Top end farmer in the United States earns $57,47 an hour and $119,530 per year.

Those are the description of how much money a farmer makes in the United States. It depends on their level of seniority. In addition, farmers in the United States earn more than 83% of Agriculture & Horticulture careers. Farmer salaries are in the top 71% of all careers in the United States. So, this career sounds so promising for us, right?

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