How to make money on a small farm

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Most people may think that becoming a farmer is an ideal way to make money. On the other hand, if you are a farmer you may not think so. Especially, if you are only a small farmer, you have to work non-stop to fulfill your costumers’ needs. Sometimes the weather seems to be against you, the harvest is far from your target. Your income can’t afford your expenses. You feel that you work hard for nothing.
I don’t think that small farmers would try to change their life style and go to the city. If you love farming, you can do it. Moreover, you can also maximize your profit from your small land, farm, and homestead. The question is how to make maximum profit from a small farm? You do not have to stop growing the crops and doing harvests. You can still receive much higher yield without sacrificing your lovely life style by following these tips. You only need diversification and an entrepreneur thought to make your dream comes true.
There are also some restrictions on federal or state that you need to look into before applying these tips. Consider the condition and potential business of your environment. That said, farmers are determined to breed. With a bit of planning, you can grow your farm and enjoy your life in your own homestead. Here are the activities that you may try to do:
1. Grow Gourmet and Medical Mushrooms
Growing mushrooms can be very profitable. However, if you are looking for the cultivation, I recommend you opt for specialist types of mushrooms. There will be much money from growing mushrooms for medical use or the restaurant market. If you want to compete with restaurant market, you have to grow better mushrooms quality and pricing. It depends on the types of mushrooms you want to go, you could harvest in just 15 week, with a yield of up to 4 lbs, per square foot.
2. Farm Snail for Profit
It is usually thought that snails are only pets. However, they can give you a lot of profit. In fact, snail farming (heliciculture) has been becoming an important export crop in some developing nations for many years. To farm snails you’ll need to provide them shelter, plants and food. This can vary depending on your farm situation. Some farmers use outdoor pens which are open, some others use indoor/netting to keep the snail in. You can also keep them in the polytunnel. Snails are the ideal livestock to breed as they don’t smell or make noises.
3. Raise Tilapia or Other Kinds of Fish
Raising fish such as Tilapia can be a lucrative business. For breeding Tilapia you will need the area that has water temperature stays about 20˚C (68˚F). If your water temperature is lower than that, of course you will need to heat the water and that will be costly. Depending on the size of fry (young fish) you buy, your harvest approximately will be ready for six months. It depends on what size you wish to sell your fish at.
4. Raise Worms
You have to seriously consider raising worms as they can provide you good business and friendly environment. The worm can be raised in tubs, bins, or barrels and you could be harvesting your crop in just 90 days. It is not only the worms which give the value, but also the soil left behind is full of worms casings and provide full of nutrient in your garden. This could be an additional income for your next farming activities. Not only it is easy, low-maintenance way of earning more from your farm. It is also completely eco-friendly and as such open your to another type of costumer
5. Raise Specialists Breeds of Animals (e.g Ostriches)
If space allows, consider raising what I call the niche market animals. Some of those can be including as follows. There will be also multiple products as the result of your harvest

– Guinea fowl
You can sell guinea fowl meat, feather, egg and young.
– Quail
You can sell the meat, egg and young of the quails
– Rabbit
You can sell the meat, pets, and fur.
– Ostrich/ Emu
You can sell ostrich meat, Emu oil, egg, and feathers.
– Goat
You can sell goat meat, milk, butter, cheese, young, hair
– Llama
You can sell llama wool, young llamas. They can also provide security for a flock of the goat.
– Deer
You can sell deer meat.
6. Sell Seeds Via Internet
If you grow unique flowers, fruits or vegetables, always consider selling their seed online via internet. The people across your districts or even across countries can be your costumers. Remember to take the photo when your seeds are in the best condition. Write an interesting caption in your ads. Good pricing and easy delivery will attract the customers. You just need to stay in your home with an internet connection and check if there are customers wanting to buy your seed.
I do hope that the information above will help you to develop your small farm. Remember the chambers of commerce is a wealth of information. Good luck!

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