Utopia Sherpa Flannel Fleece, the Warmest and the Best Blankets for Bed

Best Blankets for BedThe winter is coming and it is the right time to buy some new best blankets for bed. Sherpa Flannel Fleece blanket from Utopia bedding can be a nice option for those who want to stay warm during the winter. It is made of the best Sherpa fleece that will give you the bet sleep no matter how cool the weather is.

Why Utopia’s Sherpa Flannel Fleece Is One of the Best Blankets for Bed

Ø     The Best Blankets under $100 with the Fluffiest Material

The best thing about this blanket is it is made of synthetic wool fiber Sherpa. Sherpa is known for its excellent heat insulation property that will ensure warmth during the cold weather, making it one of the best materials for winter blankets for bed.

The material becomes even more special because instead of real Sherpa, this blanket uses synthetic wool fibers Sherpa. Synthetic fiber Sherpa is softer, lighter and fluffier than the real ones. As a result, this blanket is not only warm, but also very comfortable. Since it is lightweight, you can easily bring the blanket for camping or snuggle in the living room.

Ø     Great Construction

This blanket comes with durable construction that is made to last. It comes with 2 inches hem on the edges to ensure the material will stay in place. The attention to the details of the construction makes this Utopia blanket worthy of the title as the best blankets for bed.

Ø     Easy to Wash

Finding the best blankets under $100 can be difficult. Maybe you also don’t expect much from such an affordable winter blanket. But this blanket is different. Due to its strong construction and high quality material, you can safely wash this blanket without having to worry that will it shrink. This blanket is reversible so you don’t have to wash it too many times. But if you think it is time to wash the blanket, you can do it easily because it is machine washable.

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It is definitely a great point considering winter blanket can be very heavy to hand wash. Just make sure you wash it with warm water and tumble dry on low to keep the softness of the material. This blanket is made of shrink resistant fabric so the blanket will always look like new even though you have washed it several times.

Pros and Cons

Ø     Pros

The blanket is warm and perfect for winter.

It is lightweight, different with other winter blankets.

Sherpa Flannel Fleece is soft yet durable.

Great construction.

Machine washable.

Ø     Cons

The materials sometimes bunch up at the edges.

Best Blankets for Bed


Utopia’s Sherpa Flannel Fleece blanket is indeed the blanket you want to keep you warm during winter. Just like the other winter blankets, it is thick and warm. But this one is special because the material is lightweight so it will not suffocate you. Overall, if you want your winter blanket to be durable, made with high quality material and most importantly comfortable, Sherpa Flannel Fleece blanket from Utopia is one of the best blankets for bed you can find in the market.